cry and rise


As children, we grew up watching and learning others. So it can be assumed that our understanding of this world is limited to the environment we grew up in and the people  we meet. Ever Since we were growing up, we have been experiencing pleasant and unpleasant occurences. It is to be noted that every pleasant and unpleasant event has equally corresponding effects on the human mind and perhaps body. Sigmund Freud has discovered various theories pertaining to human psychology. Almost every child is priveleged to get an education which results in better livelihood. However, understanding youself and the people around you doesnt require education. Evidently, some of the most sucessful entrepreneurs and businessmen were not much educated.  In contrast, experiential learning seems to be more beneficial than academic and theoretical knowledge. Infact all we learnt throughout our school and college years is how to improve our memory and handwriting and perhaps copying. We have been denied into looking into our own strengths and weaknesses. We have been thus denied self observation. We have been denied the ability to think and reason. As a result , you have been also denied freedom. Often, it is the family around you and the people who determine your limitations.  Though all that we have learnt will be somewhat useful…however that is again secondary.


Harvard Business Review has published many books ,one of them is on leadership.  It talks about people skills; says that the most succesful leaders are those who seem to handle people well and those who are sensitive to people. It tries to explain EI..emotional intellience.  Sound is energy, light is energy.  Emotions are simply a form of energy that runs through your body like an electrical current.  Each emotion has its own measurable energy frequency. We all carry emotional baggage to varying degrees–painful childhood memories, grief over the loss of a loved one, the devastation of a marriage or relationship break up, the trauma of physical or sexual violation.  Who hasn’t suffered rejection, betrayal, hardship, failure, shame, longing, guilt, loss of self-esteem, or sorrow to some degree? So whatever is stopping you right now is your past. emotions bulit out of past. emotions so strong that even your mind cannot control…sometimes even u are not aware what kind of rubbish you have stored inside of u….

You have only to recall a situation where you’ve experienced instinctive reactions (such as your heart racing when you are afraid or that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you anticipate something you may be dreading), these automatic reactions are not coming from the physical body, but are transferred to the physical body through thoughts or emotions.

emotions can either ruin you or it can either transform you.. so in my opinion, self observation of mind and emotions are extremely important…being healthy and keeping a tab on the food you eat….

Types of Unwanted Emotions

grief ~ anxiety ~ depression ~ saddness ~ self-pity ~ bad luck ~ unfullfilled dreams ~ shame ~ humilation ~ unhappy relationships ~ betrayal ~ regret ~ loneliness ~ low confidence ~ guilt ~ frustration ~ feeling stuck or held back

types of real emotions…it shows that u r human


For instance, happiness, joy, laughter, orgasms, healthy friendships can cause the release of endorphins.  Endorphins are powerful opiates that make you feel good.  They boost your immune system, relax muscles, elevate your mood, and dampen pain

Adrenalin releases when you feel fear, anxiety or stress.  It causes blood vessels to dilate, making your skin flush.  Rapid, shallow breathing ensues.  Muscles tighten, especially around the stomach and shoulder area.  A slight sweat may break out

The purpose of adrenalin is to place your body in a high-alert rapid-response flight-or-flight state.  In emergencies, this is beneficial, as it aids escape.  But, over a long period, adrenalin can be very damaging to your body.  It suppresses your immune system, impairs digestion, uses up vital vitamins and minerals, causes pain and stiffness, makes your body acidic resulting in inflammation, and drains vitality

Studies have shown that negative emotions actually weaken your body, while positive emotions strengthen your body.  Shame has the most devastating effect, followed by guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger and hate .

Suppressing emotions uses up a lot of energy, which robs your body of energy that should be used for vital functions.  Negative emotions tax your adrenal glands and use up nutrients the body needs to sustain itself.  The result is fatigue and lowered vitality.


Energy has to move.  If an emotion isn’t expressed (outward movement), it is suppressed (inward movement).  The result of controlling or stifling emotional energy is frustration, anger, depression, physical pain, control issues, emotional ‘shut-down’, or self-sabotage.  Self-judgement, low self-esteem and unworthiness may develop.  This inhibits your ability to create or receive what you really want in life.  You learn to expect little joy in your life and settle for less than your soul needs to flourish




I think we’re put on this earth to try and discover how to LIVE.  It’s through painful times, and times of emotional growth (if we choose this path) that we seem to move forward.  I am convinced that being broken wide open is a gift, as painful and terrifying as it is.   It’s not in my timing either.   “There is a divinity that shapes our end………….”  Shakespeare



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